About Me

Greetings, my name is Wes Marshall and this is my blog. Here you’ll get content and experiences that educate, engage and support you in your daily mission as a professional working at the intersection of marketing and technology. 

Technology enables every aspect of marketing. Digital data drives outcomes. Design, video and content tools drive experience. Automation is frequently the difference between high-performing and lagging marketing efforts. Technology furnishes marketers with more ways to connect the right audiences at the right time with the right messaging than ever. 

My mission is unlike any other. You’ll get my “mainstream marketer’s perspective” – innovative, practical, brand-safe, results-driven as well as resource- and time-constrained. The quest is unearthing the universal challenges marketers face. The holy grail is revealing the countless solutions they devise to succeed in today’s customer-centric, digital-first, and multichannel marketing environment. 

Let me be your guide to unlocking the secrets of effective digital marketing and SEO.